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Some Good Rife & Related Links

James Bare, the inventor of the Rife/Bare system, has a very extensive WEBSITE where his system is explaned in great depth and his book can be previewed and ordered which tells you how to build your own system.

Nenah Silver has authored a very informative handbook titled The Rife Handbook. It's a must have for all who are experementing with electro-medical frequency devices. You can get further info at Nenah's WEBSITE.

You can see instructions for building your own EMEM 3 device HERE and building your own EM7V machine HERE.

Mary Lackaf is an experienced EMEM 3 builder who fabricates a well made machine which is reasonably priced. Mary can be contacted by phone at (518) 734-4166. Mary was trained in the building of the EMEM 3 by the inventor of the system.

Anyone wanting a good low cost circuit for an EMEM 3 device should visit http://www.cicbs.com/rife/99buck.html Here you'll see a circuit diagram with some good construction info and directions.

Drake Bondi is now producing a complete and functional experemental SSQ system developed by Ralph Hartwell. It's called the DBx2 - SSQ.

Brian McInturff has a very extensive WEBSITE dealing with a very wide range of alternative health approaches as well as probably the most extensive list of Rife frequencies available. This one is definitely worth a visit.

Robert Cathey Research Source. Lots of articles on alternative health and Rife history

Mike Hammer's Rife Pages. Mike has some excellent pictures of the construction and use of his Rife/Bare system.

Anyone wanting info on past and future Rife Technology conferences can go to the conference WEBSITE. You can also order video tapes of the main conference speakers.

Praxair has some very interesting technical info on gasses and glass.

Nippon Electric Glass shows some very interesting uses for leaded glass windows.

Rife e-mail Forum. Join an e-mail discussion list for Rife and other related topics.

A Rife Frequency List. An excellent source of bioactive frequencies.

Rife/Bare Digest. A good site for articles, pictures and letters on Rife.

For viewing more Rife related sites, follow the Rife Web Ring.

DrugDangers.com has pulled together as a single resource, everything related to defective medical devices and drugs to promote education and awareness for victims, their families, and the general public.

MATRIX ENERGETICS is a new alternative approach to healing. It is based on well known aspects of Quantum Physics, and it seems to work I've seen some amazing stuff. If you're open to new ideas, this is worth checking out.

CANCEL HELP is a very interesting site that offers resource information to anyone who wants to cancel an on line service or subscription etc.

Now for a very different change of pace. If you're interested in being exposed to some revolutionary concepts and having your core belief system challanged, then check out this
MOVIE. The only prerequisites you need are 2 hours to watch it...and an open mind.